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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are all Hydro-fracturing companies the same?

A: No. The first question that you need to ask any company is "Do you use a one pump system or a two pump system". Our two pump system is designed to produce twice the pressure and water flow. This is very important in mountain areas with hard granite rock wells.

Q: What do you consider a good candidate for Hydro-fracturing?

A: Our experience shows almost any well is a good candidate. We have been successful in Hydro-fracturing wells from depths of 200ft. to wells of 1600ft., increasing our customer's well yield. Also, this varies in different types of wells, shallow, deep, dry, new, existing and minimum yielding.

What to expect as far as yield from my well?

A: Typically a customer can expect an increase of approximately 1-5 gallons per minute on a well already producing up to 1/2 gallon or less. We have had numerous results from hydro-fracturing ranging in such a variety as 5 gpm, 10 gpm etc, increases, as well as turning a normal functioning well into an artesian well.